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Healthcare professionals

Our team of healthcare professionals is here to provide the Durham community in large and the Whitby community in specific with the best possible healthcare services.

List of Vaccines
  •   Tetanus
  •    Diphtheria
  •    Petussis (Whooping Cough)
  •    Polio
  •    Hemophilus Influenza Type B (Hib)
  •    Rotavirus
  •    Meningitis
  •    Measles
  •    Mumps
  •    Rubella
  •    Chiecken Pox (Varicella)
  •    Shingles (Zoster)
  •    Covid
Charges for uninsured services (not covered by OHIP )
Type of service Description of uninsured form/report/service Fee
Completion of Physical Forms Schools/camps
Admission to daycare, Preschool, University or any other education institution $20.00
Pre-Employment Certification of Fitness/Fitness Clubs $30.00
Hospital/Nursing Home Employees $30.00
Completion of Licensing Forms/Certificates Drivers Medical Examinations
TTC Forms $40.00
Completion of Work and School related Forms/Notes: Back to School Noted/Sick notes
Employee absence notes $20.00
Daycare note (free of communicable disease) $20.00
Insurance Certificates (note: An assessment fee can be charged
in addition to the insurance form fee if an assessment is necessary
to obtain relevant information needed to complete the form)
Insurance Forms $40.00
TB Testing*** Step 1 (1st visit) $20.00
Step 2 (2nd visit) $20.00
Chart Copy Copy from the Patient's Chart (up to 20 pages) $1.00/pg
Copy of full chart (over 20 pages) $30.00 + 0.25 per page
Other Letters for massage therapy, orthotics, back support, stockings etc. $30.00
Travel Advice and Vaccine Administration
(must be purchased by pharmacy)
PAP Test*** Charge for PAP by physician $40.00
Processing Fee-payable direct to Processing Lab (eg. LifeLabs) $20.00
Cosmetic Wart Treatment $15.00
Patients with no OHIP Coverage Without Coverage $60.00
Expired Health Card $60.00(2 Week depoist)

*** May be covered by OHIP if certain criteria are met

Please note we only accept cash
Receipt is available upon payment

(905) 436-2273
(905) 436-2263

1615 Dundas St. E  
Whitby ON L1N 2L1

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